Where to find a decent man
Ensures familiarity with a large number of decent men My thoughts on the topic: "Where to go in search of a Prince on a white horse?" interrupted the phone call. Friend Dasha, too, suffers from…


How to win a man-Virgo
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Easy ways to meet girls
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Sex on the first svidaniy

Mestizaje – If a man is really like, and I want to have a lasting relationship with him, then sex on the first date is strictly prohibited. Think that disbanded, or will burn out quickly, and it will be interesting. But if a man I’m not going to meet any more, then sex on the first date. Because you only live once!

What do you think about this?

art – Sex on the first date can prolong the relationship.

Better on the first than the last.

Alex-GK – I think the period before the first sex does not affect the duration and quality of relationships.

But the quality of sex this is a major factor and if on the first date will go to bed and for some reason fail, then it most likely will be the last one, and if it will be the “fifth”,it is possible chances that you will be corrected

Shenishar – of course, we must ALWAYS think about the consequences, but sometimes so want this man, the more so not planning anything. I do not think that there is something to be ashamed of, psychologists Continue reading

Long-distance relationships.


Relationship relationship. psychology

When between a man and a woman develop feelings for each other, then immediately there is a need to conduct with each other as much as possible. But, there are situations when it is difficult. For example, if one of the partners there are frequent work travel, or some other reason. Long distance relationships is a stern test for a loving couple. However, it is not insurmountable to call. Despite a whole load of negative aspects

inherent in a separation, and it has positive aspects. Will discuss in more detail.

Cons of long distance relationships.

1. Long distance relationships are of different nature. This may be a forced trip, and may be, for example, Continue reading

According to the rules of Darkness


 Mankind has always played. It plays football and beer pong, Boxing and preference. In times of spiritual Eclipse it plays in the war. Games your it furnishes rules. Thus was born the Rules of football, tired of Guard duty, the criminal code and the Geneva Convention. But there is a huge area of life in which man plays by the rules, not invented them. This is a game with Nature. For ignorance of these rules he pays life, health and destiny. Comprehending these rules, he will understand the Nature, Themselves and, ultimately, God. People rushing on a kayak in the doorway, climbing the

mountain, descending into the Earth, directly participates in this great match.

A wise man once said, “Only in the work you will find respect, only in the family — love, and only Continue reading

If a man wants a woman, he begins to make friends with it.


Young man wants a girl – a common situation. But, what will it do? Right to love? No, first make friends or to show friendship. Have a healthy libido that needs a decent place to call. Why not friendship, or love?

You can think of more beautiful: “I loved you, so I want!” Right, girls like this interpretation more. What actually is the basis of friendship and love?

To start defining. What is friendship?

Just want to say that a clear definition does not exist perhaps it can’t be. To start, here it is: “FRIENDSHIP is one of the kinds of personal relationships. Unlike functional, business relationships, where one person uses another as a means to achieve some of his goals, friendship has a price, it in itself is a blessing; friends help each other unselfishly, “not in service and in friendship”. Unlike relatives, family closeness and from a partnership whose members are linked by a shared identity and the bonds of group solidarity, Continue reading

How to get back ex-girlfriend whether to return an ex-girlfriend


Surely every man at least once in his life been in a situation where he was left by the girl. How to get back ex-girlfriend . rises immediately in front of the eyes question. The girl left, and she, like, went the whole world. One gets the feeling that will never be so much fun, well and good, as it was with her, and absolutely no way out of this situation. Nothing now you are not happy, the sun is not warm, the grass is not green, and cool summer breeze already unable to give you a huge amount of positive emotions as before. Well, the decision — it is necessary to establish a relationship with a former girlfriend. Let’s look at how to handle it best, which can be tips in this situation?

The content of the article:

First. Do we really need to return?

The first question that never itself does not come to mind, but its worth to ask yourself – and whether to return an ex-girlfriend? Do not try to make Continue reading

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